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Best Books about 1916 And The War Of Independence

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Children of the Rising

"Children of the Rising is the first ever account of the young lives violently lost during the week of the 1916 Rising: long-forgotten and never commemorated until now.
€31.60 €20.85

Dublin After The Six Days Insu

"Dublin Six Days after the Insurrection” contains photographs which were passed for transmission abroad by the Official Press Bureau in a booklet format and includes a note from General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell the British Officer who is best known for his execution of the leaders of the Easter Rising.
€8.04 €4.59

The Irish Times book of the 19

This heavily illustrated book focuses on the events of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland rather than the background and the consequences.
€19.99 €15.32

Fatal path

This is a magisterial narrative of the most turbulent decade in Anglo-Irish history: a decade of unleashed passions that came close to destroying the parliamentary system and to causing civil war in the United Kingdom.
€17.40 €11.48


The Easter Rising began at 12 noon 24 April 1916 and lasted for six short but bloody days resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians the destruction of many parts of Dublin and the true beginning of Irish independence.
€15.80 €10.43

James Connolly

James Connolly (1868-1916) became a leading Irish socialist and revolutionary and was one of the leaders of Ireland's rebellion in 1916.
€14.99 €11.49

Thomas MacDonagh

Born in Cloughjordan in Co.
€14.99 €11.49

A nation and not a rabble

"Packed with violence political drama and social and cultural upheaval the years 1913-1923 saw the emergence in Ireland of the Ulster Volunteer Force to resist Irish home rule and in response the Irish Volunteers who would later evolve into the IRA.
€20.55 €13.56

Easter 1916

"Now with a new preface for the centenary of the Easter Rising a compelling interpretation of the rebellion that launched Ireland into a new world.
€17.40 €11.48

The green divide

€25.00 €19.17

Patrick Pearse

"Patrick Pearse was born in Dublin and spent many summers in Rosmuc in Galway learning Irish.
€14.99 €11.49


"The Easter Rising of 1916 in which just over a thousand Irish rebels seized key locations in Dublin and proclaimed the independence of the Irish Republic before being brutally suppressed by the vastly larger and better-equipped British Army is an event whose meaning remains contested to this day.
€20.55 €13.56

Irish Revolution

We are entering the years of commemoration centred on the centenary of the Easter Rising.