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Best Books about 1916 And The War Of Independence

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Blood for blood

William Henry has trawled the archives to produce this meticulous account of the many raids ambushes murders and reprisals that took place in the 1919-21 period and of those who were involved.
€14.31 €12.31

Pathway to rebellion

"In Pathway to Rebellion Willie Henry traces the origins of the rebellion of 1916 in Co.
€14.31 €12.31

Women of the Irish Revolution

"Women of the Irish Revolution tells the story of the role that women played both directly and indirectly in the Irish revolution.
€18.41 €16.41

Easter Rising 2016 Commemorati

"This Commemorative book outlining the events of the week of 1916 features the photographs of T.
€10.20 €8.20

Patrick Pearse

"Patrick Pearse was born in Dublin and spent many summers in Rosmuc in Galway learning Irish.
€14.31 €12.31


"A handbook to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising.
€14.31 €12.31

The splendid years

"An evocative and timely first-hand account of Irelands 1916 Rising the founding of Dublins Abbey Theatre and the early years of the Irish National Theatre.
€15.10 €13.10

1916: Dream And Death P/b

€9.80 €7.80

Was it for This: Reflections o

"From the time of the 1916 Rising its significance then and since its place in our history and relevance to todays arguments have been seen differently and contested in every generation.
€14.31 €12.31

Guilty but Insane:

"Captain J.
€18.41 €16.41

Dublin After The Six Days Insu

"Dublin Six Days after the Insurrection” contains photographs which were passed for transmission abroad by the Official Press Bureau in a booklet format and includes a note from General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell the British Officer who is best known for his execution of the leaders of the Easter Rising.
€6.91 €4.91

Rebellion In Dublin April 1916

"“The Rebellion in Dublin” was a vanity published book by the photographer and contains a unique collection of photographs hardly seen before.
€8.56 €6.56

After the Rising

€18.41 €16.41

A secret history of the rebell

"Although commemorated by Yeatss poem Michael ORahilly is one of the forgotten leaders of the 1916 Rising - the first leader to die the only one killed in action.
€15.14 €13.14

Constance Markievicz

"A revised illustrated edition of this landmark 1988 biography of one of the great women of Irish history and Europes first elected female politician.
€15.14 €13.14