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Best Books about Addiction

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Stop smoking now

This is a brand new presentation of the bestselling Easyway method featuring a FREE Hypnotherapy CD and spearheads a major relaunch for the world famous Easyway brand.
€12.17 €10.17

Easy way to control alcohol

This text is bold and controversial and takes issue with many experts in the field and much received wisdom.
€10.14 €8.14

Easy way for women to stop smo

This guide examines the differences and difficulties experienced by women trying to stop smoking and engages the reader in a personal consultation offering specific targeted advice on how to resolve the issues behind smoking.
€10.14 €8.14

Stop smoking with Allen Carr

Would you like to stop smoking easily painlessly and permanently? If so this book and CD contain everything you need.
€12.66 €10.66

Kick the drink-- easily!

This text will change the way you see alcohol forever and show you how to stop drinking.
€13.20 €11.20

Allen Carrs easy way to stop

Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking is the one that really works.
€12.17 €10.17

Lads Broke

€14.31 €12.31