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In 50 Works of Irish Art You Need to Know. This book comes highly recommeneded Dr Síghle Bhreathnach-Lynch of Irish Art at the National Gallery of Ireland selects works of Irish art that are outstanding.

Behind each work of art is a unique story. Behind each work she provides a glimpse into the artists world encouraging us to take a closer look - to really see and understand each work of art. This book includes some of Irelands most popular talents such as Paul Henry Harry Clarke and Jack B. Yeats. All of the works are in public collections and available to view throughout the country. Enjoy a fun and practical art history lesson from one of Irelands well-known art historians.  

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50 works of Irish art you need

In 50 Works of Irish Art You Need to Know Dr Síghle Bhreathnach-Lynch former Curator of Irish Art at the National Gallery of Ireland expertly selects key works of Irish art that simply must be seen.
€19.99 €15.32

Celtic calligraphy

Celtic calligraphy crossesthe boundaries between arttradition and craft.
€12.99 €9.96

Irish Stone Bridges

€39.99 €30.65

Poetry Of Vision

The Rosc Art Exhibitions 19671988.
€35.00 €26.84

Modern Ireland In 100 Artworks

The Irish Times literary editor Fintan OToole selects 100 artworks to narrate a history of Ireland.
€28.99 €22.23

Creating History

"Stories of Ireland and Art.
€24.99 €19.16

Color Your Own Book of Kells

These captivating reproductions from one of the most beautiful books of the early Middle Ages offer hours of coloring pleasure.
€4.20 €4.75

The breakfast book

You've heard it from doctors nutritionists and your mom: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
€18.15 €12.31

Lines of vision

For this anthology published to mark the 150th anniversary of the National Gallery of Ireland 56 Irish writers have contributed a short story essay or poem inspired by a work in the collection.
€27.95 €18.97

Exploring the Book of Kells

A beautiful and simple introduction to the Book of Kells one of the world's most famous illuminated manuscripts with a newly-expanded colour plate section.
€9.99 €7.65

Celtic designs

A fantastic book for artists and crafters looking for original fresh designs and ideas.
€12.99 €11.49

The Book of Kells

The Book of Kells is a masterpiece of medieval art - a brilliantly decorated copy of the four Gospels with full-page depictions of Christ the Virgin and the Evangelists as well as a wealth of smaller decorative painting that does not always relate to the sacred text.
€84.00 €57.04