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Colour and Create: Celtic Desi

This beautifully intricate book is the perfect way to de-clutter your mind.
€4.99 €4.42

Inspired Colouring: Patterns

€4.99 €4.42

Inspired Colouring: Nature

€4.99 €4.42

Animal Wonders.

"Beautiful and detailed colouring books for children Learn about the animal kingdom as you go With hidden elements to reveal and spot in the images for added play value For kids who want to relax - or just keep busy! Illustrated by up-and-coming New York artist/designer Lizzy Dee"
€3.99 €3.52

Challenging Activities Dot-to-

"With all of us being encouraged to train our brain and to rediscovered and to rediscover our sense of fun these challenging dot to dot puzzles are the perfect way to test ourselves whilst also winding down at the same time.
€5.99 €5.29

Skin graf

"In Skin Graf each artist will be represented by words and images that tell a compelling and authentic tale of graffitis jump from the subways to skin.
€9.99 €8.83

Inspired Colouring Flowers

"Research shows that colouring can improve concentration and hand-eye coordination boost creativity improve metal wellbeing and help you to de-stress.
€4.99 €4.42

Tolkiens World: A Colouring B

"This mystical colouring book presents an abundance of famous scenes and characters inspired by Tolkiens Middle-earth.
€6.99 €6.18

Inspired Colouring: Travel

€4.99 €4.42

Colour Yourself Calm: Relaxati

"Inspired by the bestselling Colour Yourself Calm Relaxation is the second in a new art-therapy adult colouring book series that will help with the practice of mindfulness and contemplation throughout the day.
€4.99 €4.42

Beginners Guide To Drawing

Beginners Guide To Drawing (FS)
€8.99 €7.95

Simply WaterColours Box Set

Simply WaterColours Box Set (FS)
€9.99 €8.83

Still Life Sketching Bible

Still Life Sketching Bible H/B (FS)
€5.99 €5.29

Around the World in 101 Patter

"From ornate Mehndi patterns painted on Indian womens feet to traditional sugar cane skulls to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead the world is full of exotic and intricate patterns - when you look for them they are everywhere.
€14.00 €10.95