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Even the most minor of injuries can sideline a runner from being active for an extended period of time; some are even determined to run through the pain and risk injuring themselves further.
€12.60 €9.86

Faster than lightning

The autobiography of the fastest man of all time and a superstar whose talent and charisma have made him one of the most famous people on the planet.
€14.00 €10.95

Total Running

Total Running H/B
€28.00 €21.92

Running like a girl

'If you've ever wept "Why Do I Want To Run?" your answer is here.
€12.60 €8.77

What I talk about when I talk

In 1982 having sold his jazz bar to devote himself to writing Murakami began running to keep fit.
€12.60 €9.86

Two hours

"The marathon tethers runners to their own personal narratives.
€14.00 €10.95

Runners World Train Smart Run Forever

This book goes beyond traditional training programs and addresses the types of issues that prevent runners from reaching their full potential.
€21.00 €16.45

Beyond Impossible

Beyond Impossible P/B
€14.00 €10.95

Runners World Your Best Stride

Runners World Your Best Stride P/B
€16.35 €15.35

For The Love Of Running

Running is the simplest the most natural the most wildly liberating and gloriously exhilarating of sports.
€14.00 €10.95

Running To Extremes

Running To Extremes P/B
€13.95 €10.92

Secret of Running

How much power does your human engine have? How much power do you need for running in different conditions? How can you optimize your training and racing performance? How can you use power meters to improve your results? What are the ultimate limits of human performance? The Secret of Running answers all of these questions.
€37.75 €29.57

The complete running & maratho

A one-stop guide for any aspiring runner from the first step to the first marathonJoining the 2 million runners in the UK (guardian.
€18.20 €14.25

50 races to run before you die

"50 Races to Run Before You Die is the essential guide to 50 of the best foot races across the globe.
€23.80 €18.65

Marathon The Ultimate Training Guide

Hal Higdon presents inside tips from world-class performers on how to master the marathon including how to prepare mentally nutritionally and what exercises are required.
€21.00 €16.45