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Wildes women

"Hailed as a gay icon and pioneer of individualism Oscar Wildes insistence that there should be no law for anybody made him a staunch defender of gender equality.
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This is the story of John McGahern's childhood his mother's death his father's anger and violence and how through his discovery of books his dream of becoming a writer began.
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Country girl

I thought of life's many bounties to have known the extremities of joy and sorrow love crossed love and unrequited love success and failure fame and slaughter to have read in the newspapers that as a writer I was past my sell-by date yet regardless to go on writing and reading to be lucky enough to live in these two intensities that have buttressed my whole life.
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Joyce In Court

Joyce In Court H/B
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Borstal boy

'I have him bitched balloxed and bewildered for there's a system and a science in taking the piss out of a screw and I'm a well-trained man at it.
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Molly Keane

This biography of Molly Keane written by one of her two daughters provides an honest portrait of a fascinating complicated woman who was a brilliant writer and a portrait of the Anglo-Irish world of the first half of the 20th century.
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