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Soothing Patterns

€12.09 €7.65

Mandalas For Mindfulness

€12.09 €7.65

Steam Engines

€12.09 €7.65

Animal Factivity Kit

Travel by land sea and air to explore the amazing animals of our world! Learn the facts and complete the activities puzzles and mazes included in the 128-page book.
€14.50 €8.15

Gross Factivity Kits

Discover the most revolting facts EVER! Become an expert in all things gross with this 128-page book filled with bugs bogeys slime and more! Then put your knowledge to the test and build a creepy-crawly centipede to gross out you friends!
€14.55 €8.03

Blood Curdling Box Tbp

€49.99 €38.32

Science Factivity Kits

Explore experiment and discover the fact-packed world of science! Become a scientist with this 128-page book filled with activities puzzles mazes and experiments.
€14.50 €8.15

Little Miss Complete Collectio

€59.99 €45.99

Shark Factivity Kits

Journey into the amazing underwater world of sharks! Learn the facts admire the full-colour photos and more along this incredible journey of discovery.
€14.60 €8.05

Deluxe Colouring Serenity

Elegant drawings to colour in with personal style Colouring books are known to relax and de-stress and have considerable therapeutic benefits The patterns are printed on thick wood free paper to cleanly absorb even saturated colour Allows you to follow your own colouring-in journey and end up with images and patterns to treasure
€12.99 €9.96

Whisky Box Set

€13.34 €7.99

Human Body Factivity Kits

Journey inside the amazing human body.
€14.55 €8.00

Colouring Tin Tranquility

A beautiful designed tin containing 2 colouring books a double-sided poster to colour and 8 colouring pencils.
€9.99 €7.65

Dinosaur Factivity Kits

Explore the prehistoric realm of the dinosaurs! Build the 10-piece triceratops skeleton and read the book to learn hundreds of facts and complete over 50 activities puzzles mazes and more in this exciting journey back in time.
€14.55 €8.03

Jacqueline Wilson 10 Book Box

"Jacqueline Wilson Collection 10 books Set.
€24.99 €19.16