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Dr Seuss Childrens booksWe have a fabulous range of childrens books with over 7000 books to choose from, we cater for children from babies to young adults, we have also catorgorised our fiction and picture books in to age groups to make it easier for you to find something suitable for the child you are buying books for. We have soft cloth books for babies and hard books for them which are great as young babies tend to give their books are good chew or bashing about. If your looking for arts and crafts or sticker books we have all types of themes to suit boys and girls. We carry all the popular authors such as Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Ladybird books, Enid Blython and so many more.  If you would like some advise on books for children please contact us via email at and we will be happy to help. Alternatively you can purchase gift vouchers and let the child choose their own books, we also offer gift wrapping should you want to send someone a gift.

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Worlds Worst Children 2

The brilliant follow-up to David Walliams bestseller The Worlds Worst Children! Ten more stories about a brand new gang of hilariously horrible kids from everyones favourite childrens author illustrated in glorious full colour by Tony Ross.
€18.20 €12.35


My name is August.
€10.14 €8.14

Harry Potter and the Chamber o

Harry Potter can't wait for his holidays with the dire Dursleys to end.
€9.99 €7.60

Harry Potter and the Prisoner

Harry Potter is lucky to reach the age of thirteen since he has survived the murderous attacks of the feared Dark Lord on more than one occasion.
€9.99 €7.60

Harry Potter and the Philosoph

When a letter arrives for unhappy but ordinary Harry Potter a decade-old secret is revealed to him that apparently he's the last to know.
€10.14 €8.14

Skulduggery Pleasant 10

The skeleton detective is coming back to life.
€18.20 €12.35

Grandpas Great Escape

€8.99 €6.12

Gangsta Granny

Another hilarious and moving novel from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest growing children' author in the country.
€8.99 €4.75

Thirteen Reasons Why (TV Tie In)

Thirteen Reasons Why (TV Tie In)
€9.99 €6.89

Wave Me Goodbye

September 1939.
€18.20 €11.49

The worlds worst children

"A limited number of Pre-Orders for this book will recieve a free copy of The 13 Storey Treehouse by bestselling author Andy Griffiths!From the worlds favourite author David Walliams - ten cautionary tales and a delightfully dreadful cast of characters; all in a gorgeously gifty FULL COLOUR format!Are you ready to meet the Worlds Worst Children? Five beastly boys and five gruesome girls! Like Sofia Sofa - a TV super-fan so stuck to the sofa that shes turning into one! Or Dribbling Drew - a boy whose drool gets him into trouble on a school trip! And not forgetting Blubbering Bertha - a girl who bawls and tells terrible tales!Also featuring a special appearance from fan-favourite Raj!From Number One bestselling author David Walliams comes this collection of wickedly funny deliciously mischievous tales illustrated in glorious colour by the artistic genius Tony Ross.
€16.99 €10.45

Harry Potter and the Goblet of

When the Quidditch World Cup is disrupted by Voldemort's rampaging supporters and the terrifying Dark Mark appears against the night sky it is obvious to Harry Potter that far from weakening Voldemort is getting stronger.
€11.99 €8.55

Tom Gates 12 Family Freinds And Furry Creatures

In the next hilarious illustrated instalment of Tom Gates Mr Fullerman has a class assignment: a family tree! Toms ready to learn all about the Gates family his friends and a furry creature (or two!).
€15.40 €9.59