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The Gorgeous Girls Colouring Book

The follow up to the hugely successful The Girls Colouring Book, this book is packed with more beautiful drawings to colour in.
€8.40 €6.10

Favourite Irish Legends Colouring Book

Children will love this colouring book with a difference! There are fifteen traditional Irish stories to read and then colour in, making it a book to treasure.
€6.99 €5.74

The Girls Colouring Book

This gorgeous colouring book is perfect for girls who love to take the time to fill in lots of detail and complete delightful pictures.
€7.00 €5.10

The Boys Colouring Book

Planes, trains and automobiles - plus the odd alien spacecraft, make this the ideal colouring book for creative boys.
€7.00 €5.10

The Amazing Boys Colouring Bo

A great gift for any boy who has a creative streak this exciting colouring book contains fantastic illustrations to inspire budding young artists to create their own masterpieces.
€8.40 €6.10

First Colouring Book for Girls

This gorgeous colouring book is perfect for younger girls starting to explore the world of colouring.
€7.90 €5.21

First Colouring Book for Boys

This brilliant colouring book of bold, cute and funny pictures is perfect for younger boys who are starting to explore colouring.
€7.90 €5.21

Whos in the Loo?

Who' in the loo? There' a very long queue.
€10.55 €5.83

Thats Not My... Colouring Book for Boys

For little boys who enjoyed the phenomenally successful That' not my.
€7.90 €5.21

First Colouring Book Zoo

Colouring books are brilliant for developing essential fine motor skills and pencil control and, in this one, children will also learn about animals from around the world.
€6.30 €4.65