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Tubes: Behind the Scenes at the Internet by Andrew Blum is.
€12.43 €10.43

Windows 8.1 explained

A guide to installing configuring and using Microsoft's latest version of Windows operating system covering all the popular versions including its use on both touch screen laptops and tablets.
€12.17 €10.17


A full–color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox! Every day more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS.
€31.53 €29.53

Minecraft for dummies

Learn to: <br/> <br/> Create your world with blocks and defend against monsters<br/> Play in the various gameplay modes<br/> Travel across the biomes and defeat Ender Dragon<br/> <br/> Don t be a Minecraft tourist make it your minionwith this full&#8211;color guide<br/> Whether you play to win or just like to explore MinecraftFor Dummies quickly helps you discover how to make the world ofMinecraft whatever you want it to be before you break yourfirst block! With easy&#8211;to&#8211;follow instruction from a team ofMinecraft experts you ll find out how to create or destroymake war or peace and attack or defend.
€20.33 €18.33

Basic computing for the older

"This title has been especially written for the over 50s using plain English and avoiding technical jargon.
€12.17 €10.17

Coding Manual

The Coding Manual teaches you everything you need to become a great programmer.
€21.34 €19.34

iPad For Dummies 9ED

€20.33 €18.33