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Capital in the twenty-first ce

What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality the concentration of wealth and the prospects for economic growth lie at the heart of political economy.
€47.35 €31.25

Undoing Project

From the bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys this is the surprising and profound story of the two men whose ideas changed the world.


"The return of the best-selling award-winning economist extraordinaire With the same powerful evidence and range of reference as his global bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century - and in columns of 700 words rather than 700 pages - Chronicles sets out Thomas Pikettys analysis of the financial crisis what has happened since and where we should go from here.
€20.55 €13.56

The economics of inequality

Succinct accessible and authoritative Thomas Piketty s The Economics of Inequality is the ideal place to start for those who want to understand the fundamental issues at the heart of one the most pressing concerns in contemporary economics and politics.
€26.80 €17.69

Economics for dummies

Untangle the jargon and understand how you′re involved in everyday economics If you want to get to grips with the basics of economics and understand a subject that affects us all on a daily basis then look no further than Economics For Dummies .
€25.30 €16.69

Crash bang wallop

"Published to mark the 30th anniversary of the financial revolution known as Big BangCrash Bang Wallop will tell thegripping storyof how the changes introduced in the 1980s in the City of London transformed our world.
€23.70 €15.64

No ordinary disruption

"Our intuition on how the world works could well be wrong.
€18.95 €12.51

Brilliant economics

"Taking the mystery out of economics is a public service.
€22.10 €14.59

The euro and its threat to the

"Solidarity and prosperity fostered by economic integration: this principle has underpinned the European project from the start and the establishment of a common currency was supposed to be its most audacious and tangible achievement.
€31.60 €20.85

Economics The Users Guide

What is economics? What can - and cant - it explain about the world? Why does it matter? Ha-Joon Chang teaches economics at Cambridge University and writes a column for theGuardian .
€11.20 €7.60


"In this volume Paul Mason explores how past societies have collapsed or changed and provides a powerful critique of why our present system of financial capitalism has failed us.
€14.20 €8.53

And the weak suffer what they

"The fate of the global economy hangs in the balance and Europe is doing its utmost to undermine it to destabilize America and to spawn new forms of authoritarianism.
€20.55 €12.35