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Wedding Promise

Wedding Promise
€15.99 €13.99

The girl on the train

€8.10 €6.10

Before The Fall

The elite have everything: money cars private jets and beautiful families.
€9.80 €7.80

If This Is Home

'So intelligent and perceptive and so well-written .
€10.35 €8.35

Daughters Of Castle Deverill

Daughters Of Castle Deverill
€9.39 €7.39

An Absolute Deception

Known as 'The Ice Queen' Anneliese Zander de St Phalle is one of the world's most celebrated fashion designers.
€10.35 €8.35

The Story of My Purity

The Story of My Purity by Francesco Pacifico is an unmissable novel from an exciting young voice in European fiction.
€15.56 €13.56

The Foster Husband

In love and marriage practice makes perfect
€10.35 €8.35

The Infinite Tides

Mathematical genius.
€11.37 €9.37

Sex Is Forbidden

Sex is forbidden at the Dasgupta Institute.
€10.35 €8.35

Me and Mr Booker

'Me and Mr Booker' the debut novel by Cory Taylor is a story about feeling old when you're young and acting young when you're not.
€11.37 €9.37

Under the Radar

€15.56 €13.56

Time On My Hands

Palermo Sicily 1978.
€15.56 €13.56

Istanbul Passage

Istanbul has spent the war as a magnet for refugees and spies.
€10.35 €8.35

Goodbye for Now

A poignant heart-warming novel of love loss and the possibility of keeping the past alive in a wholly unexpected way for fans of ONE DAY WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT and THE NOTEBOOK.
€9.29 €7.29