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Best Books about Fiction CrimeBest selling books on crime fiction are availble in this category. This is one of most popular catgeories on this site. we have books from James Patterson who is on of the biggest selling authors for the last number of years. We also have a great selection of Jack Reacher books from Lee Child. These are the two examples of our best selling authors in our shop.

As well as the popular authors we also have the classic fiction books, we have science fiction which is very popular with our teenage audience. We have plays and westerns , always popular with the old crowd. If you are looking for inspiration look no futher than the Girl on a Train or Gone Girl. These books have made the best selling crime fiction list for the last 3 years. Enjoy browsing, if you have any questions contact our customer support.

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Night School TPB

In the morning they gave Reacher a medal.
€23.70 €14.24

Missing presumed

€12.09 €7.65

Wrong Side Of Goodbye TPB

This is the gripping new Harry Bosch thriller from global bestselling author Michael Connelly.
€16.99 €12.65


On the heels of the runaway success of Rogue Lawyer John Grisham delivers the high-octane suspense that readers have come to expect from the master of the legal thriller.
€31.60 €16.09

The magpie murders

"Anthony Horowitz has a unique writing style loaded with sharp humour that gives him a broad appeal.
€20.45 €12.29

Cross The Line TPB

Shots ring out in the early morning hours in the suburbs of Washington D.
€20.45 €12.29

Chaos TPB

€14.99 €10.72


"By the international number one bestselling author of Tell No One and Fool Me Once soon to be a major movie starring Julia Roberts.
€19.17 €13.03

Orphan X

"Do you need my help? It was always the first question he asked.
€12.09 €7.65

Closed casket

"Hercule Poirot returns in another brilliant murder mystery that can only be solved by the eponymous Belgian detective and his little grey cells.
€17.14 €11.49

Cross kill

"James Pattersons BookShots.
€6.13 €2.29

Private royals

"James Pattersons BookShots.
€6.13 €2.29

All is not forgotten

"You can erase the memory.
€19.17 €13.03

Murder house

€12.09 €7.65

Zoo 2

"James Pattersons BookShots.
€6.13 €2.29