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Fishing Eyewitness Companion

<![CDATA[Everything you ever wanted to know about fishing: from tackle baits lures species and techniques to where to fish Whether you're a newcomer to fishing or an experienced angler brushing up your skills this is your perfect companion to every aspect of the sport.

Taut lines

"Since the earliest writings of civilization people have been writing about fish and the pursuit of them.
€23.70 €15.64

ABC Of Fishing

This guide contains sections on coarse fishing game fishing and sea fishing which include advice about basic equipment.
€31.60 €18.99

Fly fishing for salmon

"Taking up salmon fly fishing is surprisingly difficult if you have not got lots of help and encouragement even if you fish for other species.
€15.80 €9.49

Fishing Impossible

Charlie Jay and the Blowfish are three obsessive fishing buddies each with their own area of expertise.
€25.99 €18.99

The complete fishing manual

"The definitive guide to fishing covering everything from strategies and techniques to choosing bait tackle and equipment.
€26.85 €17.72

Essential Fishing Handbook

This compact yet comprehensive guide includes all the essential fishing information that novices and lofelong fishermen need from the best lures and flies to hints for landing a wide range of fresh- and saltwater species.
€18.95 €11.39