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Best Books about Fitness

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Eat yourself fit

"The No.
€27.25 €19.16

BodyWise TPB


Foam Roller Exercises

Foam rollers have become a staple of the home gym and are a trusted tool to avoid injury and aid recovery.

G Plan Diet


Partner Workouts

Team up train together and add variety to your workout with Partner Workouts.

Walking For Fitness

This is a practical guide to power walking for health and fitness covering route planning technique equipment walking in different terrains and programmes with specific goals.

Weight Management For Triathletes

Every triathlete wants to be leaner faster and more successful.

Eat & run

'Run until you can't run anymore.
€14.20 €9.37

Build your own body

"A book for the menopause years and beyond.
€19.17 €13.03

Cut the crap

The Grit Doctor is one tough task-mistress .
€20.55 €13.56

Why the pain whats the gain?

"Running jumping lifting pushing stretching - our bodies are naturally built to move and work strengthen and adapt.
€26.85 €17.72