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Open Gardens Of Ireland

Open Gardens Of Ireland P/B
€22.50 €17.25

The polytunnel book

‘Until now there has been next to no information available on how to make the best use of a polytunnel.
€23.80 €16.16

Step-by-step veg patch

Foolproof vegetable growing for gardeners with little space but big ambitionsRHS Step-by-Step Veg Patch is brilliantly simple explaining everything you need to know to squeeze the most out of your plot.
€23.80 €16.16

The Royal Horticultural Societ

A one-stop guide to creating and caring for your gardenRHS Complete Gardener's Manual covers every aspect of gardening from choosing the right tools for the job and improving soil to planning a productive kitchen garden.
€28.00 €19.01

200 veg-growing basics

Growing your own veg is an enjoyable economical and environmentally-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy.
€7.00 €4.75

Vegetables in a small garden

Simple steps to gardening success from the experts at the RHS Follow RHS show-how and know-how for a garden that looks great all year round (whatever size it is).
€9.80 €6.65

Vegetables and herbs for the g

With our unpredictable weather there's never been a better time to cultivate vegetables under shelter.
€12.60 €8.55

Down To Earth HB

Down To Earth HB
€25.20 €17.11

Natures Colour Codes

Natures Colour Codes describes the potent nutrients in plants that give them colour why the body needs them and which foods contain which so that none are omitted from the daily diet.
€5.60 €3.80

Bonsai Beginners Bible

Bonsai Beginners Bible P/B
€18.20 €12.35

RHS Gardening For Mindfulness

A practical inspirational guide to improving mental wellbeing through gardening.
€21.00 €14.25

Dream Gardens

The debut book from Leonie Cornelius one of IrelandÔÇÖs leading garden designers and a judge on RTëÔÇÖs Super Garden shows how to create and design the garden of your dreams.
€18.99 €14.56

The Irish garden

Visitors to Ireland are often surprised at the 'palm trees' that make so many gardens look as if they belong in a holiday postcard.
€56.00 €38.03

Salad Garden

An indispensible guide to creating a beautiful potager garden filled with bountiful unusual and tasty salad plants carefully selected by the queen of vegetable growing Joy Larkcom.
€23.80 €16.16

Extra Room

Diarmuid Gavin is passionate about beautiful garden design.
€22.99 €17.63