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Container Gardener

€23.80 €17.31

Extra Room

Diarmuid Gavin is passionate about beautiful garden design.
€22.99 €17.63

The Tudor Garden

Contrived colourful and cultured the garden of the Tudor period was a paradise on earth given over to pleasurable pastimes.
€11.05 €7.29

The Royal Horticultural Societ

A one-stop guide to creating and caring for your gardenRHS Complete Gardener's Manual covers every aspect of gardening from choosing the right tools for the job and improving soil to planning a productive kitchen garden.
€28.00 €20.37

Vegetables and herbs for the g

With our unpredictable weather there's never been a better time to cultivate vegetables under shelter.
€12.60 €9.16

The Royal Horticultural Societ

Fully revised and updated edition of the world's finest and most authoritative source of gardening advice from the experts at the RHSMarking 20 years since first publication the updated edition of the RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening is the classic reference for keen gardeners.
€49.00 €35.66

RHS vegetables for the gourmet

A beautifully illustrated manual of great-tasting vegetables and their history cultivation and preparation.
€21.00 €15.27

The Irish garden

Visitors to Ireland are often surprised at the 'palm trees' that make so many gardens look as if they belong in a holiday postcard.
€56.00 €40.74

Garden design bible

"Do you dream of transforming your back garden into a romantic retreat? Would you like to make a modern-day Utopia on your balcony? Is your ideal outdoor space a minimalist design with easy-to-care-for plants or a family garden with room to grow culinary herbs? Whatever your desire the Garden Design Bible has a plan that you can adapt to your own space.
€23.80 €17.31

The garden awakening

"The Garden Awakening is a garden design book with a difference.
€31.60 €20.85

1001 plants you must grow befo

"With so many plants in the world this book helps you to navigate the myriad number of species and hybrids available and learn what to look for when choosing varieties.
€28.00 €20.37

RHS big box for small gardens.

"This title provides readers with easy ways to transform their gardens for year-round enjoyment.
€28.00 €20.37

Fruit & veg box.

"A beautiful gardening gift box collection taking you from planting and picking to planting and preserving with three expert growing guides.
€28.00 €20.37

New small garden

"Small gardens are a challenge to design and to keep looking good.
€28.00 €20.37

RHS practical Latin for garden

"RHS Practical Latin for Gardeners is a unique guide to plant binomials based on the bestselling RHS Latin for Gardeners .
€14.00 €10.19