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Tracing your Irish family hist

Ireland has probably experienced more tragedy when it comes to the preservation of resources for family historians than any other region of the British Isles.
€18.20 €13.23

A guide to tracing your Westme

Westmeath often referred to as the 'Lake County' is a prosperous midland county whose main towns are Athlone and Mullingar.
€13.00 €10.69

Tracing your Irish ancestors

Genealogical research in Ireland has always depended on records that are more fragmented localised and difficult to access than anywhere else.
€18.99 €15.60

Finding your Ancestors in Kerr

"Finding your Ancestors in Kerry is a comprehensive guide to all of the records available for tracing families in county Kerry and how to find them and use them to trace your ancestry.
€13.00 €10.69