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Your 15Th Club

Every golfer has 14 clubs in his bag but the golfers who win have something extra their 15th Club their most underused asset
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<![CDATA[<br/> Now the subject of a major film.
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The Big Miss

In March 2004 Hank Haney received a call from Tiger Woods in which the golf champion asked Haney to be his coach.
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An open book

A golfer loved for his courage and charisma<br/> <br/> Darren Clarke has the crowds behind him.
€12.17 €10.17

The unstoppable golfer

In 'The Unstoppable Golfer' Bob Rotella who has worked with stars like Rory McIlroy Darren Clarke and Graeme McDowell will teach readers how to use their minds to master the short game by achieving a calm state of mind in which the focus is only one thing - the hole.
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Silent mind golf

Imagine being able to achieve the perfect mental state to make your best possible swing over every shot -stepping up fearlesslywith an inner calm that allows you to play great golf every time you stand over the ball.
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Golf for dummies

The fun and easy way to get into the swing of things and take strokes off your game &#150; fast Whether you&#8242;re a total beginner or you&#8242;ve clocked a few hours on the links Golf For Dummies 2nd Edition is the only guide you need.
€18.29 €16.29

Dream on

John Richardson &#8211; a regular bloke who enjoys a round of golf in his spare time &#8211; set himself the challenge of playing a scratch round at Clandeboye Golf Club within twelve months and spent an exhausting and exhilarating year living breathing eating and sleeping golf while trying to hold down a full-time job a marriage and semblance of family life.
€14.99 €12.99

John Daly

The 1995 Open Champion and legendary wild man of golf recalls the best and worst of his life: his inspirational play on both US and European tours; the demons that afflicted him on the course and his addiction to gambling and drink; and the trashed hotel rooms and spectacular marital problems.
€12.17 €10.17

Play better golf

Play Better Golf takes an innovative holistic approach to improving your golf game.
€12.17 €10.17

The golfers mind

The guru who has been keeping golfers keen on the green for more than 20 years now presents a quick reference guide to the sport's most important mental elements.
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Driving the green

Mark Twain had it all wrong: golf is not a good walk spoiled golf is a journey.
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50 Greatest Golf Tips

<span>Do you want to play a par round as described by John Richardson in his bestselling book Dream On</em>? Here are the proven tips that can make your dream round a reality including brilliant advice on improving your swing putting and the short game and the all-important mind games that can give you the edge.
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An American caddie in St. Andr

A caddie since he was twelve and a golfer sporting a 1.
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Rory Mcilroy

Hard-hitting Rory McIlroy was always destined to become a professional golfer from the moment he recorded a 40-yard drive aged just two.
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