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Dc Super Hero Collection P/b (

€35.00 €23.77

The Superman files

With a modern tone and a deep respect for his legacy 'The Superman Files' is a complete and thorough history of the Man of Steel.
€49.99 €42.16

Suicide Squad. Volume 3 Death

The Suicide Squad returns with an action packed tie-in to the Batman 'Death of the Family' story! As the Suicide Squad closes in on Basilisk leader Regulus Deadshot and Harley discover multiple Basilisk sleeper agents within their ranks.
€19.60 €13.31

Preacher book two

"In the continuing saga of the bizarre adventures of faithless Texas preacher Jesse Custer Jesse along with his girlfriend Tulip and their friend Cassidy the Irish vampire head west to a party of Babylonian proportions.
€25.20 €17.11

Suicide Squad. Volume 5 Walled

Our world belongs to the Crime Syndicate! With Forever Evil sweeping across the DC Universe the Suicide Squad find themselves in a world full of villains now free from their shackles - Belle Reve! And now with the Reverse Suicide Squad taking over Belle Reve Amanda Waller and James Gordon Jr.
€21.00 €14.25

Adventure Time How To Warrior By Fionna And Cake

Fionna and Cake are experts at the art of the quest.
€21.00 €14.25

Wolverine Old Man Logan

MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN--who last teamed for the monumental CIVIL WAR--bring us the most important WOLVERINE story of the 21st century.
€35.00 €23.76

Suicide Squad. Volume 2 Basili

As the surviving Squad members attempt to recover from their disastrous Gotham City mission we learn a dark secret that has been festering in the team since issue `1: a traitor stalks the Suicide Squad! The saboteur's mission: Assassinate Amanda Waller expose the Squad and leave Task Force X in ruins! The Basilisk strikes!
€21.00 €14.25

Power outage

"The first rule of Skate Club is that you do not mess with the Mistress of Mayhem! Harley stumbles across an underground fight club where big money wins with a body count.
€21.00 €14.25

Batman vs. Superman

"This is the must-own DC Comics collection to prepare for the upcoming cinematic blockbuster Batman v.
€10.50 €7.13

Walking Dead Rick Grimes Adult Coloring Book

From police officer to leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone Rick has faced down hordes of walkers and the worst humanity has to offer.
€22.40 €15.20