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Best Books about History And Warfare Special Value

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Events That Shapes The World

Events That Shapes The World (FS)
€6.99 €5.36

In Flanders Fields

"Anthology of First World War poetry with the powerful verse accompanied by contemporary colour plates of paintings and sketches.
€3.99 €3.05

World War II

World War II (FS)
€6.99 €5.36

World War I

World War I
€6.99 €5.36

Eyewitness To Civil War

Eyewitness To Civil War P/B (FS)
€12.99 €9.96

Only Wounded

Only Wounded H/B (FS)
€4.99 €3.83

Civil War 1861-1865

Civil War 1861-1865 H/B (FS)
€3.99 €3.05

1001 Things World War II

1001 Things World War II H/B (FS)
€5.99 €4.59

Times Explorers

Times Explorers H/B (FS)
€5.99 €4.59


One of the most exciting periods of exploration coincided with the invention of photography.
€7.99 €6.12

The Great War

Concise and authoritative visual history of WWI as the 100th anniversary approaches.
€3.99 €3.05

The Great War

"The magnitude and horror of the First World War becomes increasingly hard to comprehend it shaped the world we inhabit.
€19.99 €15.32


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is the charity that saves lives at sea.
€8.99 €6.89

The words of our time

"We often look at history as a discussion of the past.
€6.99 €5.36

Will & Kate

Will & Kate: A Royal Family is one of an exciting series of lush books celebrating some of the most popular and influential figures of the day - who are constantly talked about and whose every life event fashion choice or opinion is awaited with baited breath by legions of fans.
€6.99 €5.36