List of Horror Books Ireland

Best Books about HorrorBest horror books are available here. If you want a fright at night or whenever you get time to have your reading time, browse this sections for some great horror books. We have all the stephen king books which are a big favourite, we also have a number of classic books such as the Birds Hitchcocks ground breaking thriller.

But one of the standouts of horror books is the shining, Danny is only five years old but in the words of old Mr Hallorann he is a 'shiner' aglow with psychic voltage. When his father gets a job looking after the Overlook Hotel Danny's visions grow out of control. As the weather worsens closes in and blizzards cut them off the hotel seems to develop a life of its own. It is meant to be empty. So who is the spectre in Room 217 and who are the masked ghouls going up and down in the elevator? Definitely one of the classics.

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To the children the town was their whole world.
€17.40 €11.48

The scarlet gospels

"The gates to Hell are open and something beckons.
€11.20 €8.14

Last One

€11.20 €8.14


"Fellside is a maximum security prison on the edge of the Yorkshire moors.
€11.20 €8.14

The shining

Danny is only five years old but in the words of old Mr Hallorann he is a 'shiner' aglow with psychic voltage.
€14.00 €10.17


WHAT IF you could go back in time and change the course of history? WHAT IF the watershed moment you could change was the JFK assassination? 11.
€14.00 €10.17

Beneath the lake

"30 years ago on a camping trip by a remote lake the Mercer family enjoyed the vacation of a lifetime - until a violent tragedy forced them to make a decision that would haunt them for ever.
€11.20 €8.14

Tales of Mystery & Imagination

This is a collection of 29 of Edgar Allan Poe's best-known stories along with some of his more obscure tales.
€7.99 €6.56

The girl with all the gifts

NOT EVERY GIFT IS A BLESSING<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Every morning Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class.
€12.60 €9.16

Mr Mercedes

A cat-and-mouse suspense thriller featuring Bill Hodges a retired cop who is tormented by the Mercedes massacre a case he never solved.
€12.60 €9.16

Needful things

<![CDATA[There was a new shop in town.
€14.00 €10.17

A head full of ghosts

"The lives of the Barretts a suburban New England family are torn apart when 14-year-old Marjorie begins to display signs of acute schizophrenia.
€11.20 €8.14


An exciting reissue of Stephen King&s debut novel about an outcast teenager with a frightening power which put him on the map and set him on his journey as a household name.
€12.60 €9.16

Different seasons

In this classic collection of four novellas the grand master takes you on irrestistible journeys into the far reaches of horror heartache and hope.
€14.00 €10.17