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Why Would Anyone Want to Swing

Why is bureaucracy known as red not yellow or blue tape?What is haywire and why do we go it?Why is a yawn infection?Who was Parker and why is he so Nosy?These are just some of the burning issues that have been exercising the minds of Daily Mail readers in recent years and 1001 of the most entertaining have been reproduced in this bumper collection.
€13.11 €11.11


X-rated origami projects; the book includes 20 sheets of paper to get going straight away.
€13.11 €11.11

Never in a Million Years

The first end of the world prediction was recorded one second after the Big Bang and since then it has become the daddy of all predictions with to date no one getting it right.
€10.91 €8.91

Donts for wives

<SPAN style="FONT&#45;STYLE: italic">Don&#39;ts for Husbands</SPAN>and <SPAN style="FONT&#45;STYLE: italic">Don&#39;ts for Wives</SPAN>are facsimile editions of the original books published by A&C Black in 1913.
€5.57 €3.57

Are They Your Underpants On th

hilarious true tales from life on the road in the air and down the back of the bus
€12.43 €10.43

1980s Bumper Activity Book

The 1980s BumperActivity Book</em> is a brilliantly unique art and craft book for all those &#8217;80s-obsessed people in the world.
€15.56 €13.56

Back to Basics

Don't know Midas from Oedipus? Wouldn't recognize a concerto from a sonata? Many of us wish that we could fill in the gaps in our education in order to avoid those embarrassing situations when we feel as if we don't know things that others do.
€12.43 €10.43

Dancing With Jesus

Pays homage to Jesus with a set of unique dance moves inspired by the man himself.
€11.99 €9.99


BOOBaDOODLE <br/> verb <br/> to scribble absent-mindedly on a boob <br/> noun <br/> a delightful and amusing work of boob art created with make-up <br/> Last year Rosy Sherry's boyfriend found out he was at risk of redundancy so in an effort to cheer him up she hit on the idea of 'doodling' on her boob with make-up.
€10.91 €8.91

Shit New York

'New York like London seems to be a toilet of all the depravities of human nature.
€12.43 €10.43

Doonesbury 40

'Doonesbury' chronicles the adventures and lives of an array of characters of various ages professions and backgrounds from the President of the United States to the title character Michael Doonesbury now a middle-aged remarried father.
€74.16 €72.16

Colossal compendium. Volume tw

Everyone's favourite dysfunctional family is back in this collection of wild and hilarious adventures.
€12.17 €10.17

Lets explore diabetes with ow

A guy walks into a bar .
€11.16 €9.16

Maggies feg run

Big Sally-Ann&#8217;s dad wins big at the bookies so he invests in a feg run to Benidorm for Maggie and Big Sally-Ann.
€9.80 €7.80

An idiot abroad

Presenting the Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington: Adventurer.
€11.16 €9.16