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Best Books about Irish Fiction 5 To 8Yrs

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Roddy Doyle Bind-up: The Giggl

This special edition includes The Giggler Treatment Rover Saves<br/> Christmas and The Meanwhile Adventures.
€11.20 €8.14

Grannys Secret

Danny' back! And he' in trouble with Granny --again! This time he has to keep Granny' secret until Mum' birthday, but Danny isntvery good at being good.
€6.99 €5.74

Granny Makes a Mess!

<EM>Panda number 13</EM> Illustrated by Michael Connor Why does everyone blame Danny for the mess, when Granny did it?
€6.99 €5.74

Dannys Sick Trick

<EM>Panda number 15.
€6.99 €5.74

The Legend of Spud Murphy

Will has four brothers and it' chaos in his house! If he' not being teased by his big brother Marty, he has to deal with the terrible, three-headed bundle of cuteness that is his three younger brothers.
€7.00 €5.09

Muckeen the Pig

<EM>Panda number 1</EM> Muckeen loves being dirty and muddy.
€6.99 €5.74

Tina and the Tooth Fairy

Tina is always in trouble! And the tooth fairy? She is never in trouble.
€6.99 €5.74

The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World

Will is desperate to win the Giant Jelly Baby competition and be named the best boy in the world.
€7.00 €5.09

No Shoes for Tom!

<EM>Panda number 2</EM> Tom just HATES wearing shoes! He has such fun with his bare toes.
€6.99 €5.74

Sinead the Dancer

<EM>Panda Number 8</EM>Illustrated by Susan Cooper.
€6.99 €5.74