Best List of Irish Fiction 9 To 12Yrs Books Ireland

Best Books about Irish Fiction 9 To 12Yrs

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Fôeile Fever

Danny Wilde and his teammates are finding the Under-14s Division tough going.
€8.99 €6.89

Evas Journey

Rich, spoilt, high-maintenance Eva Gordon likes fancy, sophisticated things so when her parents sell their sell their holiday home and their expensive car Eva canÔÇÖt understand why.
€8.99 €6.89

Under the Hawthorn Tree

<B>The first book in the famine trilogy</B> <EM>Under the Hawthorn Tree</EM> is Ireland' top selling children' book.
€8.99 €6.89


A novel of mothers lost and found, "Wilderness" is part roaring adventure,part family drama - with a charm that' all Roddy Doyle'.
€9.80 €6.65

Wildflower Girl

<B>The second book in the famine trilogy</B> At seven, Peggy made a terrifying journey through famine-stricken Ireland.
€8.99 €6.89

Alice Next Door

Best friends NEED to be together.
€8.99 €6.89

Friend or foe?

<p style="text-align: left;" align="center">It's time to choose: friendship family or loyalty to the cause.
€8.99 €6.89

Evas Holiday

Eva Gordon likes fashion, fun and hanging out with friends, so she cant believe she has to spend the entire summer in a cottage in the countryside with her parents and eight-year-old Joey.
€8.99 €6.89

Spirit of the Titanic

Fifteen-year-old Samuel Scott died while building the Titanic.
€8.99 €6.89

Viva Alice!

A new Alice and Megan story!</strong>&#13;<br/> Alice and Megan are back together again! When they are together they can handle anything!&#13;<br/> Grace invites Alice and Megan to spend Easter in her house in Lanzarote.
€8.99 €6.89

Alice in the Middle

A best friend is forever isn't she?</strong>&#13;<br/> Megan can't wait to go away to Summer Camp with her best friend Alice.
€8.99 €6.89

Rugby Spirit

ÔÇÿOk, lads, you have everything you need to win this game.
€8.99 €6.89

Only Eva

The latest great book from the author of the best-selling 'Eva' and 'Alice &amp; Megan' series</strong><br/> &#13;<br/> Eva Gordon doesn't like mysteries - so when new girl Aretta hurries away after school every day Eva's determined to find out why.
€8.99 €6.89

Rugby Warrior

Its a new school term and Eoin Madden has new responsibilities.
€8.99 €6.89

Bonjour Alice

Ancient castles yummy French food and deep dark forests - sounds like the perfect holiday!<br/> &#13;<br/> Megan's really</em> looking forward to the summer holidays - her whole family is going to France and best of all Alice is coming too! But when Alice tries to make friends with a local French boy things begin to get very</em> interesting .
€8.99 €6.89