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Best Books about Irish Food And Drink

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Neven Maguires Perfect Irish Christmas

Neven Maguires Perfect Irish Christmas H/B
€19.99 €15.32

Home Baking

Home Baking H/B
€19.99 €13.31

The Happy Pear

<![CDATA['I love The Happy Pear .
€23.80 €16.16

The world of the happy pear

"These lovely boys always create incredibly tasty food.
€26.60 €18.05

David Gillicks kitchen

What we eat affects the way we feel and how we perform in all areas of our lives.
€9.99 €7.65

Neven Maguires Complete Famil

"Our families are the most important people in our lives so when it comes to mealtimes we want to give them the best we can.
€29.99 €22.99

Food Medic

We all feel our best when we are free of illness full of energy and at a healthy weight.
€28.00 €19.01

The Irish grannys pocket reci

Enjoy the best of Irish granny&#8217;s classic recipes.
€4.99 €3.83

Natural Born Feeder

Roz Purcells approach to cooking is simple: use whole foods to live a whole life.
€19.99 €15.32

Fake Away

The rising star of Irish chefs shows you how to enjoy your favourite indulgent treats ÔÇô without the guilt!
€16.99 €13.03

Recipes From My Mother

Full of warmth and nostalgia Rachel shares culinary inspiration passed down through the generations.
€28.00 €19.01

Little Green Spoon

Discover real nutritious recipes to nourish your body from the inside out.
€28.00 €19.01

Eat Live Go

A collection of simple restorative and inspirational recipes for busy and energetic lifestyles.
€35.00 €23.77

The pocket Irish potato cookbo

This wonderful book gathers together a collection of delicious recipes featuring Ireland's favourite food.
€4.99 €3.83

The fit foodie

"Derval ORourke believes that the secret to being your healthiest happiest self is to eat well and keep moving.
€22.40 €15.20