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Best Books about Irish History 17Th Century

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Around the world in 1847

"Rediscover the events characters and pioneering spirit that helped create the modern world in 1847 this eclectic collection of events stories and character portraits.
€24.99 €20.53

The Plantation of Ulster

The Plantation of Ulster was the most ambitious scheme of colonisation ever attempted in modern Europe and one of the largest European migrations of the period.
€18.99 €15.60

To hell or Barbados

Paperback edition of this fascinating exploration of the previously untold story of the thousands of Irish men women and children who were transported to Barbados and Virginia in the 17th century.
€10.99 €9.03

The stolen village

In June 1631 pirates from Algiers and armed troops of the Turkish Ottoman Empire led by the notorious pirate captain Morat Rais stormed ashore at the little harbour village of Baltimore in West Cork.
€12.99 €10.67

Gods executioner

Cromwell spent only nine months of his eventful life in Ireland yet he stands accused there of war crimes religious persecution and ethnic cleansing.
€20.55 €13.56

Flight of the Earls

€12.09 €7.65