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Best Books about Irish History 19Th Century

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This book introduces the reader to the origins and effects of the Irish Famine focusing on Galway and the surrounding areas of Tuam Loughrea Ballinasloe Athenry Gort Oranmore Clifden and more.
€14.99 €11.49

The famine Irish

"From a range of leading academics and historians this collection of essays examines Irish emigration during the Great Famine of the 1840s.
€25.00 €19.17

The Royal Irish Constabulary

"In the period 1816 to 1922 some 85000 men served in the RIC and its predecessor forces.
€24.95 €19.13

The Great Irish Famine

The Great Irish Famine of 1845-52 was the defining event in the history of modern Ireland.
€14.99 €11.49

The famine plot

During a Biblical seven years in the middle of the nineteenth century fully a quarter of Ireland’s citizens either perished from starvation or emigrated in what came to be known as Gorta Mór the Great Hunger.
€16.80 €9.49

A short history of Irelands f

This condensed history examines why the Great Famine was so catastrophic and explores its effect on Irish society and culture.
€8.99 €6.89

The Irish famine

This book tells the gruelling story of the catastrophe that caused the death of over a million Irish citizens during a period of just five years
€11.15 €7.56

The graves are walking

<![CDATA[The Irish famine that began in 1845 was one of the nineteenth century's greatest disasters.
€18.20 €12.35

Atlas of the Great Irish Famin

The Great Famine is possibly the most pivotal event/experience in modern Irish history: in terms of mortality it is now widely accepted that over a million people perished between the years of 1845 and 1852.
€59.00 €45.24

The committal of two Mallow sc

"This text examines the context of the case whereby two schoolgirls were committed to an industrial school in 1893.
€9.95 €7.63

Derry labour in the age of agi

"Following on from Volume 1 on new unionism and old volume 2 reviews the impact of Larkinismand syndicalism on Derry.
€9.95 €7.63

End Of Outrage

Tells the absorbing story of post-famine Donegal the Molly Maguires - a secret society who had set themselves up against the exploitation of the rural poor - and Patrick McGlynn - an avaricious schoolmaster who turned informer on them availing of hunger disease debt hardship and death to expand his holding at the expense of his neighbours.
€28.00 €19.01

A Bloody Day The Irish At Waterloo

A Bloody Day The Irish At Waterloo P/B
€14.99 €11.49