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Then There Was Light

€17.14 €11.49

A pocket history of Ireland

Encompassing stories of some of Ireland's best known characters as well as key moments in Ireland's past this pocket history recalls the country's struggles through dark times its successes its people and places.
€4.99 €3.83

Atlas of Irish history

‘Out on the Western edge of Europe a first glance at the map makes Ireland seem a small and isolated place.
€16.99 €13.03

The course of Irish history

The Course of Irish History is the classic general history of Ireland covering the economic social and political development of the island of Ireland from prehistoric times to the present day.
€20.00 €15.33

In search of the Irish dreamti

"Following his account of Irish origins as evidenced by archaeology genetics and linguistics J.
€29.95 €19.76

How the Irish Won the West

€16.10 €10.69

Handbook of the Irish Revival:

€15.00 €11.51

Whos feckin who in Irish his

Did an Irish monk discover America? Which rebel died of having a feckin' tooth pulled? And who in the name of Jaysus was responsible for the Pledge? If you've ever wondered how much of our rabble-rousing history is true and how much a load of wojus oul' bull then look no further.
€12.99 €9.96

Have Ye No Homes to Go to?: Th

"Its a central presence in our society and culture but how much do we really know about the Irish pub? This comprehensive history entertainingly examines its evolution.
€17.14 €11.49

Time Pieces A Dublin Memoir

Alternating between vignettes of John Banvilles own past and present-day historical explorations of the city Time Pieces is a vivid evocation of childhood and memory that bright abyss in which times alchemy works.
€28.99 €23.76

The pocket encyclopedia of Ire

This pocket-sized A to Z encyclopedia celebrates Irish life and culture and covers everything from ancient Irish abbeys to the zoological gardens in Dublin.
€4.99 €3.83


Dublin has many histories: for a thousand years a modest urban settlement on the quiet waters of the Irish Sea for the last four hundred it has experienced great - and often astonishing - change.
€26.85 €17.72

Haunted Ireland

This book delves into the world of Irish ghosts vampires witches werewolves and other spectral tales.
€24.99 €19.16