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Pocket Irish wit & wisdom

"The Irish famously have a way with words and this beautifully illustrated selection includes the best of Irish wit and wisdom to amuse and entertain on any occasion.
€4.99 €4.10


Have you ever wondered why pretentiousness jargon bullshit and having notions above our station are so rife in the world today? Well theres now a recognized science that studies all of these forms of self-delusion.
€15.40 €11.20

How To Be Massive

You know your one Nikita? Youve seen her around town: always within 100 metres of Penneys (where she likes to spend her eurdos) her hair done up in a hun bun sporting her masso runners and her eyebrows on fleek.
€10.99 €9.03

Pocket Book Of Craic

€4.99 €4.10

The feckin book of Irish sex

There's been a rule of thumb in Ireland the last thousand years - if it's something you enjoy it's a sin.
€7.99 €6.56

Stuff Irish people like

Do you love the taste of Red Lemonade change into your swimming togs under a towel on the beach or find yourself admiring 'the grand stretch in the evenings'? Then this book jammed with hilarious reflections on what it is to be Irish will have you nodding in agreement with every turn of the page.
€9.99 €8.20

Keep calm sure itll be grand

So what if the craic's not as good as you expected or that you can't get a decent pint of Guinness for love nor money - here's a book packed with quotations and proverbs to help keep the indomitable Irish spirit alive.
€8.40 €6.10

A Big Pile Of Blarney

€8.99 €7.39

The book of feckin Irish slan

BESTSELLER</strong>&#13;<br/> The almost incomprehensible wit and wonder of Irish slang words.
€7.99 €6.56


"Who else but the Irish can perform minor miracles with a prayer to St Anthony? Or truly appreciate the medicinal purposes of flat 7Up? Not to mention the front room chipper chips and the bad pint.
€10.99 €9.03

Ireland:Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Enjoy this leprechaun-sized guide to all thats best about the Emerald Isle from myths and legends to must-see places to visit interspersed with hilarious one-liners jokes and plenty of Irish charm.
€8.40 €6.10

Hopscotch & Queenie-i-o

Damian Corless takes us on a tongue-in-cheek trip down memory lane to the age of Lets Draw With Blaithin games of Relievio and monthly mobile libraries.
€12.99 €10.67

You Know Youre Irish When

So how Irish are you? Check out this book of Irish-isms to see just how green you really are! Humourous and fun this book combines some of the classic Irish quirks with the more recent additions of what it means to be Irish.
€5.99 €4.91

Overheard in Dublin rides agai

More Overheard in Dublin: another 500 quotes from the ever popular website&#8230;&#13;<br/> Taxi driver complaining about Tániste Mary Coughlan: <br />&#8216;I didn't like her when she sung either!&#8217; <br /> ___________&#13;<br/> I was on the Luas last August and was standing next to these two Cork guys.
€6.99 €5.74

The feckin book of Irish insu

Hey you! Yeah you holding this book you with the face like a constipated greyhound.
€7.99 €6.56