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Oxford Childrens Irish-english Visual Dictionary

With thousands of words from a variety of topics, the new Oxford Childrens Irish-English Visual Dictionary gives students learning, and using, Irish the best reading and writing support.
€15.80 €10.43

Countess Markievicz - An Adven

"The extraordinary Countess Markievicz was born into a wealthy Anglo-Irish family and grew up enjoying painting hunting and parties.
€4.99 €3.83

Very First Words in Irish

Young readers will enjoy spotting and naming familiar objects.
€9.50 €6.27

Irish for Beginners

This title is part of a series providing a thorough grounding in useful, basic Irish.
€15.70 €10.36

Diary of a Wimpy Kid as Gaeilg

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid published in Irish"
€9.95 €7.63

Mo Chéad Leabhar Focail

This text contains over 270 words to help young children build their Irish vocabulary.
€12.65 €8.35

Beginners Irish Dictionary

Beginner's Irish Dictionary</em> consists of a series of double-page full-colour spreads which place the vocabulary in context.
€12.99 €9.96