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Best Books about Irish Local History

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Rare Old Dublin

"Pirates executed in St Stephens Green; Mother Bungys sink of sin in what is now Temple Bar; the Viking thingmote in College Green where human sacrifices took place; hidden holy wells under the city streets: these are just some of the things uncovered by Dubliner Frank Hopkins in this surprising and entertaining book.
€15.12 €9.96

Dundrum in old photographs

"For many years Dundrum was just another stop on the railway between Harcourt Street and Bray; it was a village in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains that despite its rich history was often thought of as simply the best place to rest on a journey to Powerscourt or Enniskerry.
€19.17 €13.03

Dublin 7


The little book of Dundrum

The Little Book of Dundrum is a compendium of fascinating obscure strange and entertaining facts about this vibrant suburb of Dublin.
€12.99 €9.96

The churches of Cork City

"The churches chapels and meeting houses of Cork are the bedrock of the city.
€17.99 €13.79

Showtime At The Royal

€19.95 €15.29

Jolly Roger

€14.99 €11.49


"People usually get an aerial view of Cork flying to or from Cork Airport.
€23.22 €13.80