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Best Books about Irish Local History

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Father Brownes Kerry

€7.99 €6.12

Hidden Galway

Hidden Galway introduces the reader to a totally new history of Galway exploring the quirky stories and fascinating rogues that history has overlooked.
€19.99 €15.32

True Dublin

"Using photographs postcards and other rare documents True Dublin provides a unique glimpse into life in Dublin at a time of great social and political change during the final decades of the nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth.
€9.99 €7.65

Dundrum in old photographs

"For many years Dundrum was just another stop on the railway between Harcourt Street and Bray; it was a village in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains that despite its rich history was often thought of as simply the best place to rest on a journey to Powerscourt or Enniskerry.
€16.99 €13.03

Revolution in Connacht

During the years 1913–23 the people of Connacht saw a Republican uprising against British rule Civil War World War a land war sectarian violence and five elections.
€15.99 €12.25

The little book of Dundrum

The Little Book of Dundrum is a compendium of fascinating obscure strange and entertaining facts about this vibrant suburb of Dublin.
€12.99 €9.96

Secret Cork

Explore the secret history of Cork through a fascinating selection of stories facts and photographs.
€21.00 €14.25

Beamish & Crawford

"The Beamish & Crawford brewery founded in 1792 in Cork was the first Irish brewery to brew stout and porter on a large scale creating the product and tradition on which Irelands stout reputation was to grow.
€9.99 €7.65

Jolly Roger

€14.99 €11.49


"People usually get an aerial view of Cork flying to or from Cork Airport.
€18.00 €13.80

On the banks

"In a city celebrated for its poets and songwriters On the Banks takes us on a lyrical tour of life love work and childhood in Cork.
€17.99 €13.79

Temple Bar

"For as long as we have records Temple Bar has been at the heart of Dublins cultural life.
€17.99 €13.79

Showtime At The Royal

€19.95 €15.29