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Invisible Art A Century of Music in Ireland 1916 2016

This Invisible Art is a celebration of the classical modern music of Ireland and the composers who created it accompanied by a major series of concerts at the National Concert Hall.
€29.95 €22.96

Words of 100 Irish Party Songs

Contains the complete lyrics for 100 old favourites from the huge reserve of Irish party songs.
€6.90 €4.39

130 Great Irish Ballads

130 Great Irish Ballads is the ultimate culmination of the greatest Irish songs of all time.
€11.00 €8.00

The Irish pub songbook

A fantastic collection of good old Irish songs ballads and tearjerkers.
€6.30 €4.16

50 Great Irish Drinking Songs

The Irish they say will break into song at the drop of a hat and it is no secret that they will rarely say no to a pint of the strong stuff.
€6.00 €4.00

Tin Whistle Book

A step-by-step instruction book that explains everything required to master the basics of Tin Whistle playing.
€6.90 €4.39

110 Tin Whistle Tunes Vol 1

€19.95 €15.29

50 Great Irish Love Songs

Perhaps lesser known than their predisposition to fighting and drinking is that the Irish make fantastic lovers.
€6.00 €4.00

Words of 100 Irish Songs and B

This handy book contains the complete lyrics for 100 old favourites from the vast array of Irish songs and ballads.
€6.90 €4.39

50 Great Irish Fighting Songs

'The Fighting Irish' is a phrase well-known the world over.
€6.00 €4.00