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Best Books about Irish Nature

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Tapestry Of Light

Tapestry Of Light H/B
€25.00 €22.12

Collins complete guide to Iris

The essential photographic guide to Ireland's wildlife.
€25.20 €19.74

The breathing Burren

"First captivated by the Burren in the early 1970s Gordon DArcy has spent over 30 years living on its edge and exploring its remarkable natural heritage.
€24.99 €22.11

Irelands wild plants

"In ancient Ireland there were 365 different body parts and a different plant to cure each part.
€14.99 €13.26

Irelands animals

"This comprehensive compilation of the folklore legends and history relating to animals in Ireland includes descriptions of their relations with people and being hunted for food fur sport or as vermin and their modern position.
€14.99 €13.26

The wildflowers of Ireland

This illustrated guide features over 530 of the wildflowers of Ireland with more than 1200 of the author's photographs.
€14.99 €13.26

Native Irish Dogs

Native Irish Dogs P/B
€16.99 €15.03

Geology of Ireland

A small country at the western periphery of Europe Ireland is endowed with a spectacular variety of geology.
€19.99 €17.68

Irelands trees

"Ireland was once so heavily wooded it was said a squirrel could travel from Cork to Killarney without touching the ground.
€14.99 €13.26

The wild plants of the Burren

"The Burren and Aran Islands are renowned worldwide for their beautiful wild flowers and plants.
€9.99 €8.83

Whittled Away

Whittled Away
€19.99 €17.68

Tales Of Irish Hedgerow

€16.99 €15.03