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Irish Cooking

"Irish Cooking is full of inspired dishes for every meal and provides over a 100 fabulous recipes from Salmon Steaks with Dill Butter Boiled Bacon and Cabbage to Irish Whiskey Trifle and Potato Apple Cake.
€4.99 €4.91


"A beautiful celebration of the Emerald Isle.
€6.99 €5.74

Cupla Focal Gaeilge

Activity book in Irish
€2.99 €4.36

The price of power

'The go-to political chronicler of our times' Sunday Times'Vivid and compelling .
€3.99 €3.27


€5.99 €4.91

Irish history

"The history of Ireland is one of oppression and emancipation characterized by foreign rule and the fight for freedom.
€4.99 €4.10

The untouchables

A devastating new exposé from the bestselling authors of The Bankers and Wasters.
€3.99 €3.27

Heritage of Ireland

"Harris chronicles the major events that have shaped Irish history from the arrival of the Celts and Christianity through the Tudor Conquest to the social and political events of the twentieth century.
€6.99 €5.74

Modern Irish food

"Modern Irish Food contains everything from hearty soups to traditional Irish dinners all brought up-to-date and accompanied by beautiful photography.
€4.99 €5.74

This scouting life

"Exploding tins of beans over a campfire.
€5.99 €4.91

In search of peaks passes & g

No goggles or glacier glasses no hi-tech axes or day-glo Gore-Tex adorned Alpinists of the mid-19th century.
€6.99 €5.74

Boy republic

"Patrick Pearse teacher poet and one of the executed leaders of the 1916 Rising has long been a central figure in Irish history.
€6.99 €5.74

Seek the frozen lands

"The part played by the Irish in the exploration of the Poles has been largely hidden and understated.
€4.99 €4.10