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In The Zone

In The Zone TPB
€26.60 €18.05


At London 2012 Nicola Adams made history.
€21.00 €14.25

Mind gym

Praise forMind Gym <br/> <br/> <br/> "Believing in yourself is paramount to success for any athlete.
€19.60 €13.31

Complete Sailing Manual

With a foreword by Olympic gold medallist Sir Ben Ainslie and covering the latest developments in sailing and navigation technology this revised and updated manual offers extensive coverage of sailing practice including foiling catamarans apparent wind sailing long-distance cruising and electronic navigation.
€35.00 €23.77

Road To Sparta

In 490 BC Pheidippides ran for 36 hours straight from Athens to Sparta to seek help in defending Athens from a Persian invasion in the Battle of Marathon.
€15.99 €12.25

How champions think in sports

"Acclaimed sports psychologist Bob Rotella has advised everyone from professional golfers to NBA superstars to business executives on how to flourish under pressure and overcome challenges.
€15.40 €10.45

Ultramarathon Man

Ultrarunning legend Dean Karnazes has run 262 miles - the equivalent of ten marathons - without rest.
€12.99 €9.19

The sports gene

<![CDATA[In this ground-breaking and entertaining exploration of athletic success award-winning writer David Epstein gets to the heart of the great nature vs.
€14.00 €9.49

Staying power

"Phil The Power Taylor is the uncontested king of darts his sixteen world championship titles between 1990 and 2013 far outclassing anything else the game has seen.
€14.00 €9.49


In a narrative full of fabulous characters and brilliant excursions into the unexpected Michael Lewis follows the low-budget Oakland Athletic's visionary manager and a strange brotherhood of amateur baseball theorists.
€17.50 €11.88

Friday night lights

In the state of Texas American football is a religion.
€15.40 €10.45


€20.99 €16.09

The fight

"This is the story of the world heavyweight championship fight between George Foreman and Muhammed Ali in 1975.
€14.00 €9.49

Haynes Triathlon Manual

€21.00 €14.25

No limits

Fresh from his triumphant and extraordinary achievement at the Olympic Games in Beijing Michael Phelps shows the secrets to his remarkable success - from training to execution.
€12.60 €8.55