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Adopt A Dog Activity Book

A beautifully illustrated guidebook for aspiring young dog owners helping them choose and look after their dream pup!

Total tractor

If you like tractors you'll love Total Tractor get under the bonnet of these glorious gigantic machinesFrom exciting vintage tractors and farming machines to the latest state-of-the-art John Deere Total Tractor presents these mighty machines in all their glory.
€15.80 €10.43

Tractor Ultimate Sticker Book

This ultimate collection of tractor stickers has been revised in full colour.
€6.30 €4.16


Sharks are the most awe-inspiring creatures on Earth.
€12.99 €9.96

iExplore Ocean Monster

Ocean Monsters is packed with fascinating information about the biggest fiercest and strangest sea creatures and is sure to inspire a sense of wonder and awe in nature.
€12.99 €9.96

Utterly amazing human body

Utterly Amazing Human Body is an eye-catching pop-up book that teaches kids how the human body works Professor Robert Winston unravels the mysteries of the human body through pop-ups pull-outs flaps sliders and incredible facts to make learning about the human body fun and interactive.
€23.70 €15.64

Strange but true!

Strange But True is an eye-popping compendium of extreme bizarre and weird animals places and strange phenomena Did you know theres a plant that eats mice? That you can dip your toe in a rainbow-coloured river? Or peer into the Doorway to Hell? Find out the where why and how inStrange But True.
€20.55 €13.56

Weird but True Sticker Doodle

"Grab a pencil and put on your Weird But True hat! Its time to explore our amazing and very weird world with the newest spin-off of the Weird But True series where YOU get to illustrate just how strange and cool our world can be.
€14.10 €9.19

Little kids first big book of

"This charming reference book takes a closer look at the things that surround kids every day and how they work - from cars to vacuum cleaners animal bodies to humans.
€15.80 €9.49


"This book tells you all you need to know to become a great oceanographer.
€11.05 €7.29

My First Book About Nature

"This brightly coloured information book is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about nature and the world around them.
€9.50 €6.27

Solar system

"Introduces children to the ever-popular topic of the planets and the amazing worlds that make up our solar system.
€11.05 €7.29