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Best Books about Non Fiction Dinosaurs

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Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosau

The dinosaur world as you've never seen it beforeKnowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! reveals jaw-dropping 3D dinosaur images which show each awe-inspiring creature in greater detail than ever before and bring the wonders of the dinosaur world to life.
€23.80 €17.31

Questions and answers about di

If you know a child who is obsessed with dinosaurs and constantly talking about these amazing prehistoric creatures this interactive flap book answers lots of their questions.
€14.00 €10.17

Behold the Dinosaurs!

Can you name over 100 Dinosaurs off the top of your head? Do you know which of them came first? Which of them went first? Which were the tallest and longest and which were the smallest and shortest? Which of them by travelled by land and sea or sky? Well if you don't know Behold the Dinosaurs! will get you well on your way there with over 100 of the most awe inspiring dinos and a handful of other prehistoric creatures that leap crawl run fly swim and slither from one side of this 4 m concertina to the other right up to the point where.
€25.20 €18.33

Pop Up Dinosaurs Board Book

Take care as you turn the pages - each one conceals a terrifying dinosaur waiting to leap off the pages of this pop-up book.
€14.00 €10.17

Little Childrens Dinosaur Act

"A riveting activity book for young children to dig into.
€9.80 €7.13


"Its an extraordinary day on Piggy Island because the Angry Birds havent lost their eggs theyve found  something amazing: a bone! Not a plain old bone-a huge and very old bone.
€11.05 €7.29


€11.09 €6.89

Utterly Amazing Dinosaur

Utterly Amazing Dinosaur is a jaw-dropping pop-up book packed with amazing facts about the world of dinosaurs.
€19.99 €13.16

Mad Mix Ups! Dinosaurs

€11.05 €7.29

The Dangerous Book of Dinosaur

Find out everything you need to know about dinosaurs in this action-packed guide to prehistoric life.
€12.65 €8.35


Features stories of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts and bugs.
€15.75 €10.40

Dinosaur Creativity Book

Dinosaurs are eternally popular and will get a boost in 2015 with the release of the movie Jurassic World.
€15.80 €10.43

The dinosaur hunters handbook

This is the ultimate companion for every time-travelling dinosaur hunter.
€15.80 €10.43

Build Your Own Dinosaurs Stick

"Dinosaurs may be extinct but interest in them is alive and well! This roaringly cool sticker book is ideal for all fans of dinosaurs.
€11.05 €7.29