Best List of Non Fiction Dinosaurs Books Ireland

Best Books about Non Fiction Dinosaurs

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National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinosaur Dinopedia

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinosaur Dinopedia
€24.88 €23.88

Jurassic World The Age Of Jurassic

Jurassic World The Age Of Jurassic H/B
€14.00 €10.95

Childrens Dinosaur Atlas

Childrens Dinosaur Atlas P/B
€14.00 €10.95

Dinosaur Atlas

Dinosaur Atlas H/B
€18.20 €14.25

Childrens Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs

From albertosaurus to argentinosaurus and triceratops to T.
€14.00 €10.95

Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book

Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book P/B
€8.40 €6.57

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosau

The dinosaur world as you've never seen it beforeKnowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! reveals jaw-dropping 3D dinosaur images which show each awe-inspiring creature in greater detail than ever before and bring the wonders of the dinosaur world to life.
€26.60 €20.83

First Colouring Book Dinosaurs

First Colouring Book Dinosaurs P/B
€5.60 €4.38

Pop Up Dinosaurs Board Book

Take care as you turn the pages - each one conceals a terrifying dinosaur waiting to leap off the pages of this pop-up book.
€14.00 €10.95


Dinosauria is filled with stunning dinosaur portraits to colour and complete each accompanied by a page of fascinating information and captivating facts.
€14.00 €9.49

Little Explorers Dinosaurs

This is a lively introduction to the mighty beasts that once ruled the world where children can lift the flaps to learn about what life was like back then.
€12.60 €8.55

Dino Records

The biggest teeth the longest tail the deadliest predator - all kinds of dino facts are jam-packed into this informative and super-exciting follow-up book in the Animal Records category.
€14.00 €9.49

Questions and answers about di

If you know a child who is obsessed with dinosaurs and constantly talking about these amazing prehistoric creatures this interactive flap book answers lots of their questions.
€14.00 €9.49

Little Childrens Dinosaur Act

"A riveting activity book for young children to dig into.
€9.80 €6.65