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What Philosophy Can Do

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Originally written only for his personal consumption Marcus Aurelius's Meditations has become a key text in the understanding of Roman Stoic philosophy.
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Mans search for meaning

A prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the war Viktor Frankl was uniquely able to observe the way that both he and others in Auschwitz coped (or didn't) with the experience.
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A little history of philosophy

Nigel Warburton guides the reader on a chronological tour of the major ideas in the history of philosophy.
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I think therefore I am

Philosophers certainly like to make life sound awfully complicated whether they're wondering if a falling tree still makes a sound if there's nobody around to hear it (Berkeley) or declaring that everything in the universe is in a state of flux (Heraclitus).
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Religion for atheists

<![CDATA[Alain de Botton's Religion for Atheists looks at the God debate with fresh eyesAll of us whether religious agnostic or atheist are searching for meaning.
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50 ideas you really need to kn

Have you ever lain awake at night fretting over how we can be sure of the reality of the external world? Perhaps we are in fact disembodied brains floating in vats at the whim of some deranged puppet-master? If so you are not alone - and what's more you are in exalted company.
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Zen and the art of motorcycle

Acclaimed as one of the most exciting books in the history of American letters this modern epic became an instant bestseller upon publication in 1974 transforming a generation and continuing to inspire millions.
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Isnt this fun?

"Michael Foley wants to understand why he doesnt appear to be experiencing as much fun as everyone else.
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This book will make you think

"An informative and accessible guide to all of the great philosophers best-known theories explained through their most famous quotes.
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Creating Freedom

The ideal of freedom is at the heart of our political and economic system.
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