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Tricks of the mind

Derren Brown's television and stage performances have entranced and dumbfounded millions.
€12.60 €9.16

Proof of heaven

Internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander always considered himself a man of science.
€19.60 €14.26

Well meet again

We do not die alone – that’s the remarkable conclusion of We’ll Meet Again an extraordinary new book by Colm Keane examining deathbed visions.
€14.99 €12.31

Heading for the Light

€14.99 €12.31

Going home

€14.99 €12.31

The map of heaven

When Dr Eben Alexander wrote about his own startling near-death experience inProof of Heaven he was contacted by countless people from all walks of life.
€21.00 €15.27

The distant shore

No further information has been provided for this title.
€14.99 €12.31

Embraced by the light

Multi-million copy bestselling account of the author's near-death experience in which she recounts the people she met the truths she learned and the realities of the spirit world.
€11.20 €8.14

Magic Past Lives

In her practice as a past life regressionist Atasha Fyfe discovered the importance of positive past life memories and the vital role they play in resolving problems and enhancing people's lives.
€17.40 €11.48

Life after death

Dr Deepak Chopra the world-famous pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine addresses one of the fundamental questions of existence: what happens when we die?.
€14.00 €10.17

One Last Time

ONE LAST TIME is the remarkable true story of internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edwards.
€15.80 €10.43

Will we ever meet again?

In this candid and straight-talking book the author shares his own journey into mediumship and his work with various development circles and other groups.
€14.99 €12.31