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The miracle of mindfulness

In this beautifully written book Buddhist monk and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh explains how to acquire the skills of mindfulness.
€12.65 €8.35

The art of happiness

This will be the first book by the Dalai Lama written to appeal to a general audience and focusing on the practical application of his spiritual values.
€15.80 €10.43

Catholic Bible

A new edition of the Bible aimed especially at Roman Catholics including both the anglicized Catholic text of the NRSV translation and the much loved Grail Psalms.

Glenstal Book of Prayer

A Benedictine Prayer Book

On Augustine

Alan Ryan carefully lays out the complicated political philosophical and religious context of Augustine and traces the history of his impact on Western thought both within and beyond the Christian tradition.

Out Of The Silence

November 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Terry Waites release from captivity in Beirut.

Pope Francis

This is a comprehensive biography of the pope completely illustrated with more than 250 photographs and 50 removable documents.

Prepare Your Heart For The Midnight Cry

Powerful and challenging new teaching for Christians on the greatest movement of God in the church since the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Reason and Wonder

Here a panel of world experts examines the hottest topics of debate in science and religion pointing the way forward to further interaction and integration between the two disciplines.

Seasons of the Churchs Year

Enter fruitfully into the seasons of the Christian year in the company of the churchs most senior pastors and teachers.

The Holy Quran

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali The Holy Qur'an</em> (also known as The Koran</em>) is the sacred book of Islam.
€6.30 €4.16

Who was Jesus A Little Book

James Dunn investigates what we can know for certain about the historical Jesus and the reasons for his enormous impact - then and now.