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€8.99 €7.80

The Martian

TheSunday Times bestseller -Robinson Crusoe on Mars a survival story for the 21st Century<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> I'm stranded on Mars.
€11.20 €8.14

Aliens Bug Hunt

Aliens: Bug Hunt will send the marines into deep space to alien worlds to derelict space settlements and into the nests of the universes most dangerous monsters.
€10.99 €9.03

Brave new world

WITH INTRODUCTIONS BY MARGARET ATWOOD AND DAVID BRADSHAW<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Far in the future the World Controllers have created the ideal society.
€12.60 €9.16

Massacre Of Mankind

€19.60 €14.26

All Our Wrong Todays

€14.99 €12.31

The man in the high castle

A dazzling speculative novel of 'counterfactual history' from one of America's most highly-regarded science fiction authors Philip K.
€12.60 €9.16

Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Uprising

The action takes place concurrently with the adventure of the game itself setting up the story and events of the game adding depth and detail to the canonical Mass Effect saga.
€11.20 €8.14


BeforeThe Matrix beforeStar Wars beforeEnder's Game andNeuromancer there wasDune : winner of the prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards and widely considered one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written.
€12.60 €9.16


The much-anticipated final instalment of the Wool trilogy.
€11.20 €8.14

Mona Lisa Overdrive

€12.60 €9.16

New York 2140

€21.00 €15.27

Burning Chrome

€12.60 €9.16

Count Zero

€12.60 €9.16