Best List of Science and Nature Books Ireland

Science and Nature

Astronomy and space your special interest check out all these great books sure to provide you with lots of great information, we have books on stargazing, astronomy, the universe, planets and cosmos and more. 

If its nature your interested in we have loads to choose from whether its birds, wild animals, pets, Irish nature or landscape they`re are fabulous books full of brilliant information and illustrations and picutures.

Plus lots of books on science, genes, medicine and more.

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"We dare to imagine a time before the Big Bang when the entire Universe was compressed into a space smaller than an atom.
€35.33 €25.29

To Be A Machine

€16.99 €13.13

The Natural History of Selborn

Gilbert White's Natural History of Selborne (1789) reveals a world of wonders in nature.
€23.70 €15.64


There's a hidden science that affects every part of your life.
€15.80 €10.43


Why do we need sleep? How much sleep is enough? What is sleep? What happens when we don't get enough?<br/> We spend about a third of our lives asleep - it plays a crucial role in our health and wellbeing.
€12.65 €8.35

50 ideas you really need to kn

Who invented zero? Why 60 seconds in a minute? How big is infinity? Where do parallel lines meet? And can a butterfly's wings really cause a storm on the far side of the world? In 50 Maths Ideas You Really Need to Know Professor Tony Crilly explains in 50 clear and concise essays the mathematical concepts - ancient and modern theoretical and practical everyday and esoteric - that allow us to understand and shape the world around us.
€16.80 €12.21

Illustrated Weather eye

&#8220;My husband was an erudite gentleman; an avid reader from childhood his breadth of knowledge was extensive.
€19.99 €16.41

Mathematics Minus Fear

'If you follow this eloquently written book you will be equipped to cope with all manner of challenges such as splitting a restaurant bill filling in a tax return or understanding the compound interest on your bank statement.
€15.80 €10.43

The genius of dogs

The international bestseller that reveals theamazing mind of your favourite friend</strong><br/> &#13;<br/> Is your dog purposefully disobeying you? Probably and usually behind your back.
€12.60 €9.16

Finding birds in Ireland

Since the publication of the bestselling first edition of Finding Birds</em> in Ireland</em> in 2007 Ireland's rich birdlife and its habitats have continued to be explored.
€19.99 €16.41

How to train a superdog

Unleash your dog's potential and build a rewarding relationship that will last a lifetimeFrom walking on a loose lead to carrying the shopping How to Train a Superdog has everything you need to know to train your dog and ensure you have a happy contented canine companion.
€14.00 €10.17

The great mathematical problem

There are some mathematical problems whose significance goes beyond the ordinary - like Fermat's Last Theorem or Goldbach's Conjecture - they are the enigmas which define mathematics.
€14.00 €10.17

The wildflowers of Ireland

This illustrated guide features over 530 of the wildflowers of Ireland with more than 1200 of the author's photographs.
€14.99 €12.31

Insects of Ireland

Insects are vitally important in our environment.
€14.99 €12.31

50 ideas you really need to kn

We encounter physics before we've even left the house in the morning; an alarm clock tracks time a mirror reflects light waves and our mobile phones rely on satellites held in their orbit by gravity.
€16.80 €12.21