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Form My Autobiography

Form My Autobiography H/B
€28.00 €9.49

Prisoners of Geography

"A popular take on world events that puts the geo back into geopolitics"
€14.00 €10.95

Presidents Glasses

Presidents Glasses H/B
€12.99 €11.49

You Cant Spell America Without Me

You Cant Spell America Without Me TPB
€16.99 €12.25

I am Pilgrim

Can you commit the perfect crime? Pilgrim is the codename for a man who doesnt exist.
€11.20 €7.60

Five Go Down Under

Five Go Down Under H/B
€10.99 €7.60

Rules of the road

Official Rules of the Road for Ireland from the Road Safety Authority.
€5.50 €4.21


A car tumbles through darkness down a snowy ravine.
€34.67 €32.67

Unbroken Trust

In 2005 Jill Anderson went on trial at Leeds Crown Court for the manslaughter of her husband Paul a 43-year-old linguist who had been suffering for several years from the debilitating effects of ME and chronic fatigue syndrome.
€17.33 €15.33

French Art Of War

French Art Of War P/B
€13.99 €8.55

Who 50 Years The Official History

Who 50 Years The Official History (FS)
€11.99 €9.19

Invisible Crowd

Invisible Crowd TPB
€16.99 €11.12

Collins School Dictionary

Give yourself a head start!<br/> Collins School Dictionary is the perfect companion for all students aged 10-14.
€11.20 €7.60


"WITH NOTHING ELSE TO LOSE Anne Forestier finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she blunders into a raid on a jewellers on the Champs-Élysées.
€12.60 €8.55

Healthy Quick & Light

Healthy Quick & Light P/B (FS)
€4.99 €3.83