Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton was a childrens writer, known as both Enid Blyton and Mary Pollock. She was one of the most successful children's storytellers of the twentieth century. Her books have been among the world's bestsellers for children since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies.  Blyton's books, which cover a broad range of genres from fantasy and mystery stories to nature books, are still enormously popular across the globe, and have been translated into almost 90 languages. She is estimated to have written about 800 books over 40 years, but is best known for her Noddy, The Famous Five and the Secret Seven Series.

Following the high sales of Blyton's early novels such as Adventures of the Wishing Chair (1937) and The Enchanted Wood (1939), she became a phenomenal success in the 1940s and 1950s and skilfully built a literary empire, often producing as many as 40 books a year.

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Amelia Jane Again!

New editions, with new illustrations and new format, of all four Amelia Jane titles.
€9.15 €4.88

Amelia Jane Gets Into Trouble!

New editions, with new illustrations and new format, of all four Amelia Jane titles.
€7.90 €5.21

Amelia Jane Is Naughty Again!

Amelia Jane, one of the most memorable and certainly the naughtiest of Enid Blyton' creations, is back - and she' as big, as bad, and as full of real child-appeal as ever! Will Amelia Jane ever stop? Now she' causing chaos with a boomerang, scribbling all over the nursery walls and playing all sorts of tricks on Mr Up-and-To! Sometimes the toys manage to trick her back, and she promises to be good from now on.
€9.15 €4.88

Brer Rabbit Story Collection

Its wits against brawn in the classic tales of Brer Rabbit re-told by one of the worlds best-loved childrens authors Enid Blyton.
€11.99 €9.19

Enchanted Wood (Gift Edition)

When Joe Beth and Frannie move to the country they find a wood nearby.
€16.99 €13.03

Enid Blytons Christmas Tales

Nobody captures the spirit of Christmas like Enid Blyton and in these stories - which are perfect for reading alone or sharing - she describes the excitement of anticipating gifts the pleasures of making special food of singing carols and coming together to share good times with friends and families.
€10.20 €6.13

Enid Blytons Holiday Stories

This title presents a selection of stories to read and share.

Famous Five Colour Short Stories Happy Christmas Five

It is Christmas Eve and the Famous Five are very excited about their mountain of presents - even Timmy! But when Timmy barks furiously he is sent outside leaving a thief free to steal all the presents.
€14.60 €8.77

Faraway Tree Adventure In Santa Clauss Castle

When Joe Beth Frannie and Rick and their friends Silky and Saucepan-man are turned into toys theyre not sure theyll ever be able to get back to their original selves! Only one person can help them.
€8.75 €5.25

Find-Outers 1 The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage

The cottage in Mr Hicks garden mysteriously burns down one night and five children think someone started the fire deliberately.
€8.99 €6.13

Five Are Together Again

Enid Blyton' The Famous Five have are camping near the house of a world-famous scientist.
€10.55 €5.83

Five Fall Into Adventure

Julian, Dick and Anne are frantic - George and her devoted dog, Timmy, have disappeared! Not only that, somebody has broken into Kirrin Cottage.
€9.50 €6.27

Five Get Into Trouble

Enid Blyton' The Famous Five are distraught.
€9.50 €6.27

Five Go Adventuring Again

There' a thief at Kirrin Cottage! Enid Blyton' The Famous Five think they know who it is, but they need to prove it! The discovery of an old map and a very unusual hiding place is all Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog need to uncover the true culprit! This edition features a new cover and revised text to bring the dialogue up to date for a whole new generation of readers.
€11.05 €7.29