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Best Books about Creative Writing

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Letters To A Young Writer

I hope there is something here for any young writer - or any older writer for that matter - who happens to be looking for a teacher to come along a teacher who in the end can really teach nothing at all but fire.
€18.20 €12.25

Jane Austen Writers Club

Jane Austen is one of the most beloved writers in the English literary canon.
€14.00 €9.49

The Penguin writers manual

The Penguin Writer's Manual is the essential companion for anyone who wants to master the art of writing good English.
€14.00 €9.49

Writers & artists yearbook 2

"This bestselling guide to all areas of publishing and the media is completely revised and updated every year.
€28.00 €19.01

Story genius

"Story Genius is a foolproof program that saves writers from penning hundreds of pages only to realise that somethings not working and they have to start again.
€16.80 €11.40

The sense of style

"Steven Pinker uses the latest scientific insights to bring us a style and usage guide for the 21st century.
€14.00 €9.49

Creative writing for dummies

Develop the writing know–how that will keep your readers hooked Do you have an idea for a novel (or a poem or an article or a play) that you′d love to finally get down on paper? Whatever your aim inside you′ll find the advice and support to get you started and keep you going.
€22.40 €15.20

Write a novel and get it publi

There is a saying that 'everyone has a book in them'.
€15.40 €10.45

On writing

Part memoir part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writer's craft comprising the basic tools of the trade every writer must have.
€13.20 €11.20