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Ladybird Books

As a parent, supporting and encouraging your child’s reading development is hugely rewarding for both of you and one way to do this is to read together at home. This is where the Read it yourself with Ladybird series can help as choosing books from a series with a levelling system will help you find books that match your child’s reading skill and encourage further reading. 

Ladybird Books is a London based publishing company, publishing childrens books, trading as a stand-alone imprint within the Penguin Group of companies. Around 1915, was when they published their first children's books, under the Ladybird imprint. From the start, the company was identified by a ladybird logo, at first with open wings, but eventually changed to the more familiar closed-wing ladybird in the late 1950s. The ladybird logo has since undergone several redesigns, the latest of which was launched in 2006.

In the 1960s and 1970s the company's key words scheme was heavily used by British primary schools using a reduced vocabulary to help children learn to read.

In the 1960s, Ladybird produced the Learnabout series of non-fiction (informational) books, some of which were used by adults as well as children.

Today ladybird is as popular as in the past and helping children through the key words and read it yourself to progress in their reading skills. Children find the books enjoyable as they move from one level to the next level as their reading improves.

These are great books to read to children also, as there are lovely bright pictures to go with each story, therefore can be enjoyed by younger preschool children too.  Ladybird have all the classics as well as much more to choose from. 

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