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Beast Quest Magror Ogre Of The Swamps

Long before Tom has the title his father Taladon is squire to the Master of the Beasts in Avantia.
€8.40 €5.69

Grace the Glitter Fairy

It' Queen Titania' and King Oberon' 1000th jubilee, and the seven Party Fairies are in charge of making the celebratory party extra-special!However, naughty Jack Frost has decided to sabotage the celebrations by hosting his own party, and in order to make his bigger and better than the kings and queen' he has sent his naughty goblins to steal each of the seven Party Fairies magical party bags.
€7.00 €4.75

Rainbow Magic Elsa The Mistletoe Fairy

Kirsty and Rachel are very excited to be spending Christmas together.
€8.40 €5.69

Rainbow Magic Destiny the Pop Star Fairy (Early Readers)

Kirsty and Rachel are going to see their favourite pop group The Angels! But jealous Jack Frost wants to be a pop star himself.
€7.00 €4.75

Belle the Birthday Fairy

Belle the Birthday Fairy' job is to make sure that all birthdays in Fairyland and the human world are filled with joy and laughter! But there is one mean creature who is incapable of enjoying even this special day.
€8.40 €5.69

Rainbow Magic Beginner Reader A Fairy Ballet

Learning to read is fun with the Rainbow Magic Fairies! Developed in conjunction with Early Years reading consultants and based on the most up-to-date educational research the Rainbow Magic Beginner Readers are the perfect way to introduce your child to the magical world of reading.
€5.60 €3.80