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1001 Photographs

1001 Photographs P/B
€16.99 €10.95

1001: Ideas that Changed the Way We Think

An awe-inspiring overview of the development of human knowledge over the centuries!

Part of the highly successful '1001' series which have sold over a million copies in the UK alone 1001 Ideas That Changed The Way We Think offers not only a comprehensive history of ideas but also an eminently browsable source of amusement.
€16.99 €10.95

1001: Guitars to Dream of Playing Before You Die

Find out why Chet Atkins had a Gretsch guitar named after him why The Who's John Entwistle called his favourite guitar "Frankenstein" and how John Lennon elevated the Rickenbacker 325 to one of the most desirable guitar brands of the 1960's.
€16.99 €10.95

1001 Cars To Dream Of Driving Before You D

It is almost impossible to imagine life today without one of the world- changing inventions of the twentieth century - the car.
€16.99 €10.95

Vinyl List

Vinyl List H/B
€21.00 €16.46

Fever Tree The Art Of Mixing

Fever Tree The Art Of Mixing
€19.99 €14.25