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Maskmakers Daughter

Colette lives with her mother making beautiful dresses for the rich women of Venice.
€9.80 €6.65

Hounds Of Penhallow Hall The Lost Treasure

Hounds Of Penhallow Hall The Lost Treasure P/B
€8.40 €5.69

The Kitten Nobody Wanted

Mia cant get over her pet cat Sandy' death, and cant ever imagine replacing him.
€7.00 €4.75

Perfect Puppy My Secret Diary

If you love puppies this is the book for you! Its filled with brilliant things to do - from quizzes puzzles and activities to amazing puppy facts and a tasty recipe.
€8.40 €5.69

Unwanted Puppy

Unwanted Puppy P/B
€8.40 €5.69

The Frightened Kitten

When Maddy’s best friend moves away, Maddy feels like she’ll never be able to replace her.
€7.00 €4.75

Princess And The Suffragette

Princess And The Suffragette H/B
€13.99 €9.49

Lost in the Snow

A magical, Christmassy story guaranteed to melt the hearts of all animal lovers! Fluff is the smallest and weakest of the farm kittens, but she surprises everyone with her strength and spirit, and soon she and her brothers and sisters are ready for new homes.
€8.40 €5.69

Harry the Homeless Puppy

Grace cant have a puppy of her own, but she loves walking the dogs at the local animal shelter; her favourite is Harry, a lively Jack Russell puppy.
€7.00 €5.48

Buttons the Runaway Puppy

Sophie often sees old Mr Jenkins walking his Labrador puppy, Buttons, and wishes she could have a dog of her own just like her.
€7.00 €5.48

The Lost Puppy

Ruby loves playing with Toby and cant wait to take him for proper walks – theyll have such fun! But on an outing to the woods, Toby' curious nature gets the better of him and he runs off in search of adventure.
€8.40 €6.57

Pocket Dog

A beautiful story about friendship from bestselling author Holly Webb.
€8.40 €5.69

Seaside Puppy

Lauras mum works as a caretaker for some holiday apartments.
€7.00 €5.48

I Love Kittens My Secret Diary

I Love Kittens My Secret Diary H/B
€8.40 €5.69